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We are a boutique strategic marketing consultancy dedicated to helping clients turn great ideas into successful products. We have been involved in all aspects of commercialization - from product design through launch - and work with our clients to turn customer insights into targeted market strategies for a successful launch.

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How BluStar Can Help You

We have assisted large corporations, biotech start-ups, and small business entrepreneurs to develop strategic marketing plans and tactical launch programs for their new and existing products. We are experts in gathering and distilling customer insights into unique selling points that feed into actionable commercial development plans for new products. We can work as advisors, facilitators, ad hoc team members, and business partners to ensure you have the best plans in place for a successful product launch.

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Insights & Strategy

Great ideas need customer feedback to become great products. We specialize in helping you uncover potential drivers and barriers to use, unmet needs, and hidden frustrations experienced by consumers. We use these findings to create the CustomerStory - deep insights and actionable recommendations that enable you to design and position your product to truly meet your customers' needs. We have been uncovering the CustomerStory for over 15 years and are excited that current technology now allows us to provide this depth of research faster and with more detail than ever before.

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Strategic Advisors

We are experienced managers, executives, and mentors in the healthcare and consumer sectors. We often serve as advisors to clients beginning new roles, looking for new opportunities, and refining management and presentation styles. We've worked with rising-stars as well,  providing feedback and assistance on their Personal Development and upgarading their strategic planning expertise. Call us today to learn more about this personal, customized, service.

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Start-Up Support

We are excited to add a new service to our portfolio. We understand how overwhelming the process can be when you take the leap to start your own business. We now offer services tailored specifically to initial business creation and launch - managing the details while you manage the business. Sample services include strategic planning templates, websites and social media design,  targeted marketing materials, branding, and logo design.

Recent Projects

Strategic Planning
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Global Positioning

We designed a Research Programme that included a 2-day off-site planning workshop, an iterative research methodology, and a global reach. Ultimately a global positioning was defined, with messages tailored for each region and audience.

Interim Management

Robin worked with a start-up BioPharma as their Market Research Lead. She developed comprehensive market research plans for 2 new products and the company. She then managed the ongoing research projects, assisted with long-range planning, and managed the creation of global patient based forecasts.

Website Design

A small business client realized their website was outdated and needed refreshing. They wanted to be sure it was concise, easy to navigate, and looked current. We designed several options, and assisted with the implementation of the final site.

Strategic Advisor

Robin worked with a Regional Operations Head to assist with their transition to their new role. She was able to work with her client to develop their Strat Plan and effectively communicate their key objectives and tactics to the Executive Committee.

BluStar Founder Robin Bateman


BluStar Consulting LLC was founded to bring the power of Consumer Insights and Strategic Planning to clients of all sizes. Over the past 10 years we have been involved with the introduction of new products & new companies, and even the re-launch of existing ones. We have experience working with clients in many different business sectors including Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Education, and Travel & Leisure. We are able to customize our team via our network of affiliates to ensure you have the right experts & techniques to fit your business needs. Our partners are experts in their respective fields and often work as mentors, or advisors to colleagues and clients as well as providing specialized services.


 Our Founder, Robin Bateman has over 20 years of experience with the development & commercialization of new products. Robin’s experience spans the spectrum of product development including: testing new product profiles, gathering customer insights with ethnographic style research, developing and executing commercialization plans, and corporate / product branding.


Robin has lived & worked globally, and gained experience across many sectors including BioPharma, Medical Devices, Consumer Goods, Mobile Technology, and B2B. She expertly merges skills from her time working as a bench scientist with her commercial experience to uncover rich insights, and see patterns that help create compelling strategies for product success.


Robin has a BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. For more details connect with her on LinkedIn.

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