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We are a boutique business consultancy dedicated to helping you turn great ideas into successful products. We have been involved in all aspects of commercialization - from product design through launch – and use that expertise to provide custom services and solutions to help you achieve your vision.



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How BluStar Can Help You

BluStar Consulting uses our professional network to provide expertise and skills tailored specifically for your business need. We have worked virtually for over 10 years with businesses of all types - from small local firms to large multinational corporations. Without the restrictions of brick-and-mortar offices, we can bring together working teams with diverse backgrounds and offer premium business services to clients who might think those services are out of their reach.  


BluStar Consulting provides both strategic planning and tactical execution services. Take a look around and learn about us and some recent projects, and contact us to talk about how we can help bring your ideas to light.

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Strategic Planning

Having the right Strategic Plan is essential to developing and marketing a successful product. We understand it can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming to create a long-term plan. We have served as advisors to clients seeking an objective look at their business to identify the critical success factors and  risks for their products. We've also worked as coordinators to facilitate the strategic planning process and have drafted plans for their teams. We leverage our experience across industries to develop innovative strategies and tactics for your ultimate success.  

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Tactical Execution

Today more than ever, marketing and sales teams must be agile and able to manage multiple sales targets and messaging channels. We, too, have been updating our skills so we can better assist you. We offer website design for small businesses and advice for larger firms looking to update their online presence. We are skilled in Adobe Creative Cloud and other creative applications and can help with marketing and training materials, social media strategies, blog/vlog posts, transcripts, and more.

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Customer Insights

Great ideas need consumer feedback to become great products. We specialize in helping you uncover potential drivers and barriers to use, unmet needs, and hidden frustrations experienced by your customers. We use research findings to create the CustomerStory - deep insights and specific recommendations for optimizing your product's design and positioning to truly meet your customers' needs. We are excited that current technology now allows us to provide this depth of research faster and with more detail than ever before.

Recent Projects

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We recently worked with a multinational Pharmaceutical company, and their partners, to design a global positioning study for a new rare-disease therapy. The research program included a 2-day off-site workshop to test positioning and messaging options, followed by iterative in-person and online research studies. Ultimately, the team defined a unique, global positioning along with messages tailored for each region and audience.

Interim Management

Robin has worked with several firms providing interim leadership. As the Marketing Analytics Lead for a BioPharma start-up company, she helped develop commercial plans, forecasts, positioning, and branding for 2 new products. She also worked as a Marketing Director for a Regenerative Medicine firm that was re-launching its key product. There she helped develop sales targeting strategies and directed the development of new promotional literature and videos.

Small Business & Start-Up Support

We are helping small local businesses with their on-line and marketing needs. Recently we have designed CLARAfications and WorkShop1209 to showcase and sell artisan products. we've built and maintained a website and social media presence for

Women's Health Care Providers of NOVA  a start-up medical practice. Plus,

we created a website for Holly Menard EOL Doula. Also, check out my personal site - a travel blog with an attitude. It's still under construction but I think you'll like the style and the story - InMyView.



Robin also works with clients as a personal consultant. These engagements can be short-term to focus on development needs, upgrading skills, or one-off career issues. She also works long-term with clients, such as PharmaTell, who require periodic marketing and sales assistance. She has worked with PharmaTell for over 10 years and recently helped them update their website, marketing materials & offerings. Contact us for more details on personal consulting.

BluStar Founder Robin Bateman


Welcome to BluStar! I'm Robin Bateman, and I founded BluStar Consulting LLC to bring the power of Consumer Insights and Strategic Planning to clients of all sizes. Over the past 11 years, we've helped launch new products and new companies and even re-launch existing ones. We have experience working with clients in many different business sectors, including Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Education, Animal Health, and Travel & Leisure. Because we are a virtual consultancy, we can customize our team via our affiliate network to ensure you have the right experts and techniques to fit your business needs. Our partners are experts in their fields and also work as mentors and advisors to colleagues in their specialty areas.


I have been involved with the development & commercialization of new products for over 20 years. My experience includes new product profile development, customer insight research, strategic planning, market development, positioning, and branding.


For over 25 years, I have traveled, lived, and worked globally. I have worked in many business sectors, including BioPharma, Medical Devices, Consumer Goods, Mobile Technology, and B2B. I bring a unique perspective to every engagement. Because of my varied background, I am able to take seemingly disparate pieces of information and merge them to uncover patterns and insights that help create compelling commercial strategies.


I have a BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

My work experience includes research roles at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, and Glaxo. I've also held commercial leadership positions at GSK, QLT, Bayer, and Talecris Biotherapeutics.


As Managing Director of BluStar I've lead projects with over 20 local and multinational clients.

For more details, connect with me on LinkedIn.


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